Welcome to Goliath

GOLIATH is an AMD XP 1600MHz workstation with 512MB of RAM, Ultra160 SCSI bus, 70GB U160 hard disk, and accelerated OpenGL graphics. Facilities on this workstation include CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM drives, Zip 250MB drive, film scanner for positive and negative mounted or unmounted film, and a flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder. A list of applications available on this workstation may be found in the Workstation Software document.

Automated Backups

No data on GOLIATH is routinely backed up. Snapshots of the system and application volumes have been taken to make system recovery in the event of disk hardware failure or software corruption easier, however.

User Backups

When using GOLIATH you will find your Newt home directory in the U: drive. Thus backing up important work yourself is just a matter of dragging it to the U: drive.


Refer to the links below for documentation dealing with use of this facility.